Selling plastic gift cards AND eCards on your website will

  • Bring new customers to your restaurant
  • Increase gift card sales
  • Be another reason for people to visit your website

How the program works

  • Click here to visit an eCommerce site TCC created and maintains for a client
  • A link is created from the gift card page on your website that connects the purchaser with eCommerce pages maintained by TCC
  • The eCommerce pages are customized to have your “Look and Feel” so customers feel like they never left your site
  • Funds from credit card purchases are deposited to your merchant account
  • Cards can be purchased in fixed amounts or the purchaser can designate a value that is right for their gift
  • Order and shipping confirmations are sent to the purchaser via email
  • TCC’s Account Executives work with your staff to design and print the letters, gift card holders and other collateral

Activating and Delivering Plastic Gift Cards & eCards

  • TCC loads each card with the value purchased
  • A hand written message, as requested by the purchaser, is written on each gift card carrier
  • TCC inserts the gift card into the carrier and envelope
  • Orders received by noon are sent that day
  • Orders received after noon are sent the next business day
  • Orders can be sent to multiple addresses
  • Orders are sent first class mail, USPS, FedEx overnight as requested by the purchaser