Direct Mail

Is the internet making direct mail obsolete? Yes, but in the same way the internet is making television, radio, and telephones obsolete. In other words, it is redefining our uses of the media, but it is not going away anytime soon. Why? For one, it works really well for business.

Direct mail allows you to pin-point the exact segment or individual that you want to communicate to. With today’s technology we can even personalize your message so that it directly talks to that individual on a one-to-one basis. Direct mail also offers you the piece of mind that your message actually reached it’s target recipient.

Direct mail offers a perceived value by placing a tangible object in your recipients’ hands. Unlike emails that often are deleted, ignored, or end up in junk box, your message is enclosed in tailored marketing pieces that designed correctly will compel your recipient to action.

Direct Mail has an exceptionally well documented history of success for a variety of businesses. This fact alone will keep customers opening their mail boxes and businesses continuing to utilize this marketing tool.

Direct mail has the incorrect perception of being a breeze. The perception is you come up with a sales message, print it on a postcard, stuff it into an envelope, and mail it. Then you just sit back and wait for the customers to show up. Right? Not quite. It’s actually more complicated than that.

What do you want a person receiving your message to do? Did the message speak to the target audience? Did the targeted message, to the target audience, incentivize an acceptable level of action, i.e. bring a return on time and investment?

This continuous question and answer process becomes the driving force of everything we do in your marketing campaign.

We bring the consumer to you.