Gift Cards

TCC's Gift Card programs will bring new customers to your restaurant, hotel, or store, improve profitability, provide tight financial control and motivate return visits for unused balances.

When you choose TCC to administer your Gift Card program:

  • Cards can be sold in any amount requested by the purchaser
  • Cards can be recharged for multiple use
  • Card holders can access their account in real-time through your website
  • TCC can set up an eCommerce page to sell your gift cards
  • TCC will fulfill the orders by: activating the cards, sending them to the purchaser or the recipient

Several other services can be administered by TCC as part of the Gift Card program. Activation and use of each additional type of card is tracked and reported separately from gift cards, although the activation and use are similar to gift cards.

If you currently have a Gift Card Program but are not happy with the service we can seamlessly take over from your current provider.

Some applications TCC has implemented for clients:

  • Employee/Meal Allowance cards are given to employees who are allowed a daily or other meal allowance. Our program is flexible enough to allow different rules and permission levels, depending on what works best for your program
  • Donation cards are used for contributions to community and charitable organizations
  • Stored Value cards (similar to a Starbuck’s card) are purchased by customers who dine frequently and want the convenience of not having to pay with cash. Use of these cards may speed service and reduce losses due to incorrect change being returned
  • Comp cards are used as a “make good’’ card or promotional tool.

In addition to the ordinary gift card services TCC's include:

  • 24/7 Support
  • TCC's staff will assist you with the designing, printing and the fulfillment of gift cards; including any additional collateral material.